New Year lifestyle changes

The term “Resolution” can be daunting to some people. You may make some that are too unrealistic to keep, or just forget about them all together a few days after the new year.

Both are no good.

What about small changes that evolve throughout the year? Ever-changing little goals. Would that be easier? You don’t even have to do these at the beginning of the year, they can come at any time. Birthdays, Start of the month, or just any regular day!! Less daunting, and more achievable!

A few of mine are:

  1. Floss every day (small task, only takes a minute, but big change for oral health)
  2. Read 20 minutes a day (last years goal was read a book a month, I’m thinking the 20 minute per day thing will be more effective, and a smaller goal, with bigger payoff 🙂 )
  3. Complete Yoga Camp with Adriene  – I have never completed a 30 day yoga challenge before, and love her teaching style. I am excited to see how this helps grow my yoga practice.
  4. Drink more water ( 3 1L bottles per day!)

And that’s it!! For now… I am going to evaluate my “small changes” every month to see how I am doing and if I need to tweak anything.

Happy 2016!!

January update:

Flossing went well, almost daily! Reading I need to work on more, I got through 20 days of Yoga and then I was moving (so that is my excuse), and the water was great! Having a bottle in front of me at my desk really helps.


30 facts about me

Hello all, I wanted to do a post like this so you could get to know me better… here goes!

  1. I am left handed

2. I have 3 siblings- 2 sisters and a brother, all younger than me

3. I attended Fanshawe College in London, ON for 3 years

4. One of my pet peeves is when someone leaves the Brita/milk jug empty in the fridge

5. I love to be crafty!! See below the Christmas wreath I recently made, and I am also in the process of making Christmas cards

Look, I made this #christmaswreath #coworkerbonding #momosgoingtobestoked

A photo posted by Stephanie (@shuitema) on

6. I am new to yoga, but loving the benefits and positivity it has brought to my life

7. I am obsessed with Taylor Swift

8. One of my guilty pleasures is watching The Bachelor (or any spin-offs.. ahem… Bachelor in Paradise!!)

9. I LOVE dark chocolate

10. I can’t wait to travel to Australia one day and visit with my Aunt and 3 cousins that live there

11. I love giving homemade gifts, and try to whenever I can

12. I hate fast food, there is no benefit to your body from eating that stuff!

13. I am slightly addicted to sushi… bring me ALL the white tuna sashimi… mmmm

14. My middle name is Marie, that’s why my blog name is “Stephanie Marie”

15. I am passionate about recycling, and reducing your carbon footprint whenever possible! (don’t forget your reusable grocery bags!)

16. I have been to Mexico twice and LOVED it, I would recommend it as a relaxing vacation spot to anyone!! The resorts were Riu Sante Fe and Iberostar Paraiso Beach

17. I am an Apple person, iPhone & Macbook all the way

18. I held the title of Queen of the Furrow for the Oneida Plowmen’s Association for 2 years, 2013-2015- more about in a future post

19. Snack I could eat everyday would be plain goat cheese on triscuits!

20. I love trying new craft beers and wine. And I always buy Canadian/Ontario beer and wine!!

21. Aritzia is my favourite clothing store

22. I love to pamper myself. At home facials, foot spas, a sheet face mask, light a candle/turn on Scentsy and curl up with Netflix or a book… I’m all about that

23. Country music is my music of choice!

24. I collect Alex and Ani bracelets

25. I have been a bridesmaid in 3 of my friends weddings and this summer (August 2016) I am in another one!

26. I am a baseball fan and love the Toronto Blue Jays

27. I graduated from the 4-H program when I was 21 with over 24 clubs and also won Outstanding 4-H member in 2012!

28. Spending time with my friends and their kids (those who have them that is) is so wonderful. Mini versions of my friends are so fun and easy to LOVE!

29. I love to laugh

30. Giving is SO much better than receiving!


My Trip to Halifax

Welcome to my first blog post! Ah, I have always wanted to have a blog to write about anything and everything I want and I have finally taken the leap to do so!

I just got back from a trip to Halifax, NS where I went to visit my sister, Nicole, who is working there for the summer as a PSW before finishing her last year of Nursing back in Ontario in the fall. I stayed with her for 6 days at her student house near Dalhousie University. It was a great location to be in as it is close to downtown and the harbour!

We first went to Peggy’s Cove which is a MUST SEE if you are travelling out East. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Beautiful Peggy's Cove

Beautiful Peggy’s Cove

It was a windy day, so there were lots of waves to see and enjoy. I could have sat there for hours!

Another thing we did that I would recommend is going to the River Runner’s for a tidal bore river rafting tour! It was so fun!  We got to wear yellow rain coats and pants and got to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Schubenacadie River. We couldn’t bring our cameras/phone on this raft as we all got SOAKED and were wearing head to toe rain gear.

Post river running the Schubenacadie River with my sister Nicole

Post river running the Schubenacadie River with my sister Nicole

Check out their website if you want to take a tour! 

Another part I enjoyed was just exploring downtown Halifax. There was so much to do and see and EAT! Cows ice cream is a must, as well as some bacon wrapped scallops!

Theadore tugboat!

Theadore tugboat!

Outside Cows ice cream

Outside Cows ice cream









Those are just a few highlights of my trip! I loved seeing part of the east cost of Canada and I can’t wait to go back!