New Year lifestyle changes

The term “Resolution” can be daunting to some people. You may make some that are too unrealistic to keep, or just forget about them all together a few days after the new year.

Both are no good.

What about small changes that evolve throughout the year? Ever-changing little goals. Would that be easier? You don’t even have to do these at the beginning of the year, they can come at any time. Birthdays, Start of the month, or just any regular day!! Less daunting, and more achievable!

A few of mine are:

  1. Floss every day (small task, only takes a minute, but big change for oral health)
  2. Read 20 minutes a day (last years goal was read a book a month, I’m thinking the 20 minute per day thing will be more effective, and a smaller goal, with bigger payoff 🙂 )
  3. Complete Yoga Camp with Adriene  – I have never completed a 30 day yoga challenge before, and love her teaching style. I am excited to see how this helps grow my yoga practice.
  4. Drink more water ( 3 1L bottles per day!)

And that’s it!! For now… I am going to evaluate my “small changes” every month to see how I am doing and if I need to tweak anything.

Happy 2016!!

January update:

Flossing went well, almost daily! Reading I need to work on more, I got through 20 days of Yoga and then I was moving (so that is my excuse), and the water was great! Having a bottle in front of me at my desk really helps.